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Elcro 10 Case Pack

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  • Ginseng Force Energy is new kind of energy drink. It doesn't rely on caffeine to give you the energy you need. Instead, we use the power of Red Ginseng. Each can contains 375mg of the purest Korean Red Ginseng extract to for maximum potency. One taste and you will know that this isn't something that uses some cheap and ineffective ginseng. This is the real deal.Known to increase metabolism and improve concentration, Red Ginseng has the power to revitalize your mind and body. It does this without the jittery jolt that and crash of caffeine. Ginseng Force Energy isn't just some energy drink for a quick fix, it's a dietary supplement to help you get back up and keep going to do the things you need to do.SPANISHGinseng Fuerza Energía es nuevo tipo de bebida energética. No depende de la cafeína para darle la energía que necesita. En su lugar, se utiliza el poder de Ginseng rojo. Cada lata contiene 375 mg de la más pura coreana extracto de ginseng rojo en busca de la máxima potencia. Un gust